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I’m a shucker for good food

It’s a month without an “R”, and in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s traditionally a good time to eat oysters.  As a child, my parents attempted to feed me oysters, and I tried chewing away with little result other than to … Continue reading

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Tasty London

What a great way to spend a London Summer evening, attending the showcase of the London foodie scene at Taste of London… if only the weather had cooperated!  But the food, drinks, atmosphere and all the friendly people Aussie_Foodie and … Continue reading

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Three-Star Disappointment

I’ve been remiss in my blogging – and while life has been busy, I can only blame it on possibly one of the worst dining experiences of my life.  I knew I had to tackle the evening, and have had … Continue reading

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Gotta love the irony of eating Reindeer on Christmas Day!

I’ve had a fun Christmas season this year.  Whilst not as manic as previous years, there have been good friends and fun nights for which I’m very thankful. This photo was taken in Oxford Street after cocktails with BoyWonder at … Continue reading

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Food, wine, books, song & good friends…

Having handed in the last of my uni papers for the term – one a week early I will boast – I have breathed a sigh of relief and can now enjoy the Christmas season. Thanks to the London Evening … Continue reading

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Lots going on…

Work has been insane, but I’ve still managed to have some fun! Firstly, there was the opening night of The Parlour the first of half a dozen new restaurants/nightspots sorely needed in Canary Wharf.  I met two couples, Caroline and … Continue reading

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Anyone for Bugs?

Bugs Bunny that is… Lulu and Hermes are posh cats – they get fresh food: rabbit four ways as well as fish and chicken.  Rabbit is not something I’ve ever eaten before, but I was inspired by Browner’s Hare Three … Continue reading

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