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Ag-solutely Delightful

 Recently catching up on my Twitter feed, I heard a couple of people discussing The Royal Norfolk Show.  As they were discussing good food, it grabbed my attention, a quick google, a phone call to BoyWonder and we decided to … Continue reading

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Tasty London

What a great way to spend a London Summer evening, attending the showcase of the London foodie scene at Taste of London… if only the weather had cooperated!  But the food, drinks, atmosphere and all the friendly people Aussie_Foodie and … Continue reading

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Real Woman

I regularly fill out prize applications and the like – you’ve got to “be in it to win it” as they say.  So I filled in a Dove survey for a free sample, and a full sized product arrived in … Continue reading

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Food, wine, books, song & good friends…

Having handed in the last of my uni papers for the term – one a week early I will boast – I have breathed a sigh of relief and can now enjoy the Christmas season. Thanks to the London Evening … Continue reading

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Do I need a 12-step programme?!

I once heard that girls fall into one of four categories: shoes, handbags, underwear or bathroom products…  WHAT, you mean I have to choose?!!! But yes, I do have a thing for shoes.  I’ve always loved my heels, and have … Continue reading

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Friendship and Food

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have a few friends that, no matter how long it’s been, when I do eventually see them again we click; Sue is one of those friends. We met years ago through work; and though … Continue reading

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