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Masterful Offerings

I love Masterchef, but most especially I love Masterchef Australia – not only because I long to see my hometown in the background.  I enjoy cooking and eating good food, so luckily I married BoyWonder who is an imaginative and … Continue reading

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Neighbourly Nuptials

Boy Wonder and I were lucky enough to be invited by our neighbours (Mr & Mrs N) to their son’s wedding last weekend.  As our first Indian wedding, we were excited to look forward to a traditional Sikh ceremony.  But … Continue reading

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Great Rivington Lobster Massacre

Having chatted to a number of foodies on Twitter for a while, we decided on catching up for a twEATup… this is a get-together over food.  A last minute change of venues, we decided on heading to the Rivington Bar … Continue reading

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Fish Food

Still a foodie review, this will be slightly different from my usual posts, since I am going to be the food!  Yes, I was heading to Aqua Sheko for a fish pedicure.  I’ve heard of this treatment from friends who … Continue reading

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I’m a shucker for good food

It’s a month without an “R”, and in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s traditionally a good time to eat oysters.  As a child, my parents attempted to feed me oysters, and I tried chewing away with little result other than to … Continue reading

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Master Canapes

I follow quite a lot of foodies on Twitter, I enjoy reading about where they’ve been, what they’ve experienced eating out and cooking in.  Inevitably we retweet each others general comments and blogs, which is a great way of discovering … Continue reading

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Belated New Year’s post and a round up of 2009!

Happy New Year to you all!  What a busy year it’s been for BoyWonder and me. While not technically in the last 12 months, I’ve included some photos our honeymoon in Koh Chang, Thailand. We had an amazing time relaxing, … Continue reading

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