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Masterful Offerings

I love Masterchef, but most especially I love Masterchef Australia – not only because I long to see my hometown in the background.  I enjoy cooking and eating good food, so luckily I married BoyWonder who is an imaginative and … Continue reading

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Neighbourly Nuptials

Boy Wonder and I were lucky enough to be invited by our neighbours (Mr & Mrs N) to their son’s wedding last weekend.  As our first Indian wedding, we were excited to look forward to a traditional Sikh ceremony.  But … Continue reading

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Great Rivington Lobster Massacre

Having chatted to a number of foodies on Twitter for a while, we decided on catching up for a twEATup… this is a get-together over food.  A last minute change of venues, we decided on heading to the Rivington Bar … Continue reading

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Fish Food

Still a foodie review, this will be slightly different from my usual posts, since I am going to be the food!  Yes, I was heading to Aqua Sheko for a fish pedicure.  I’ve heard of this treatment from friends who … Continue reading

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Beyond Brunch

You’ve got to love the irony.  BoyWonder had a friend coming over from the US, on the 4th of July… so we just had to take him and his friend to Hawksmoor for a traditional English brunch.  We’ve been a … Continue reading

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Ag-solutely Delightful

 Recently catching up on my Twitter feed, I heard a couple of people discussing The Royal Norfolk Show.  As they were discussing good food, it grabbed my attention, a quick google, a phone call to BoyWonder and we decided to … Continue reading

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London’s "Best African Restaurant"?

The latest pocket version of the DLR’s Get Out More landed on my desk. Unenthusiastically picking it up – my local foodie scene is dire – I was amazed to seen an entry for Woolwich!  Touted as “the best African … Continue reading

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