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London’s "Best African Restaurant"?

The latest pocket version of the DLR’s Get Out More landed on my desk. Unenthusiastically picking it up – my local foodie scene is dire – I was amazed to seen an entry for Woolwich!  Touted as “the best African … Continue reading

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Tasty London

What a great way to spend a London Summer evening, attending the showcase of the London foodie scene at Taste of London… if only the weather had cooperated!  But the food, drinks, atmosphere and all the friendly people Aussie_Foodie and … Continue reading

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Master Canapes

I follow quite a lot of foodies on Twitter, I enjoy reading about where they’ve been, what they’ve experienced eating out and cooking in.  Inevitably we retweet each others general comments and blogs, which is a great way of discovering … Continue reading

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The Wonders of Brunch

I’ve always loved brunch.  In Australia I used to love getting together with friends at cafes or at each others homes or in a park for a weekend brunch – the meal that combines breakfast and lunch.  And yes, one … Continue reading

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Real Woman

I regularly fill out prize applications and the like – you’ve got to “be in it to win it” as they say.  So I filled in a Dove survey for a free sample, and a full sized product arrived in … Continue reading

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Three-Star Disappointment

I’ve been remiss in my blogging – and while life has been busy, I can only blame it on possibly one of the worst dining experiences of my life.  I knew I had to tackle the evening, and have had … Continue reading

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