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Let me introduce you to my lovely shop boy, George…

There is a shop on the end of my street, yes, a actual corner store, where I can grab the newspaper and a pint of milk on the weekend.  But the best thing about it is the sunny smile (and … Continue reading

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Do I need a 12-step programme?!

I once heard that girls fall into one of four categories: shoes, handbags, underwear or bathroom products…  WHAT, you mean I have to choose?!!! But yes, I do have a thing for shoes.  I’ve always loved my heels, and have … Continue reading

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Fingers crossed…

A friend dropped around a stack of books last night, so I went through to sort out the ones I’ve not yet read, and the ones ready for BookCrossing. So off I went today to do the lastest two “wild … Continue reading

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Does anyone out there NOT know I’m a Fag-Hag?!

Today is International Coming Out Day.  An inspirational way to support equality, raise awareness of the difficulties and celebrate the courage of LGBT people.  It was a simple effort to change my Facebook status, join the Facebook event and post … Continue reading

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Behind the – Dark Knight – times

OK, I’ll admit I’m at least a year behind everyone raving about how great Heath Ledger is in “Dark Knight”.  I’ve been a fan of Ledger’s since “10 Things I Hate About You” (I’d obviously stopped watching Neighbours before he … Continue reading

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